Our mission is to support and preserve the USS Hornet Museum Ship CVS-12 and it's history.
Maintain an operational station in a safe and stable location in the event of a disaster or emergency.
Provide a fun environment to learn and experience Amateur Radio in a historic location.

We focus on teaching the importance of radio communications by offering a hands on
fun environment to experience Amateur Radio

HARC supports the Boy Scouts of America by offering merit badge classes on board.

The Hornet Amateur Radio Club volunteers start the day giving  classroom instruction and
a power point  presentation  featuring basic radio functions and modes, RF circuits,explaining
propagation related   to certain conditions along with  the benefits and many uses of radio that are
available to anyone that wants to open the door to an exciting and valuable hobby.

The scouts then visit the HARC radio shack for an "on the air" session using various amateur radio
modes  and  frequencies. This completes the requirements for them to earn their Radio Merit Badge.