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Being a member of the Hornet Amateur Radio Club has its benefits.  Our
Radio Shack is located on real piece of naval history, our antennas are the
same ones the ship used while on active duty and the opportunity to
volunteer with the museum as a docent, live-aboard, security, aircraft or
ships restoration or in any capacity you may have a talent for.  The
rewards far out weigh the work.  You do not have to volunteer with the
museum to be a member of the Hornet ARC.  You might get the bug after a
few visits though.

Hornet ARC's calendar is full of military related
on the air special events
throughout the year such as, Doolittle Raid Remembrance day, Museum
Ships Weekend, and Pearl Harbor Remembrance day just name a few.
There is a lot of opportunity to get on the air.

You do not have to live in the San Francisco Bay Area to be a member.
We have members all over the country and the world, we keep up with
them on the air. So just because you live in Bangor, Maine doesn't mean
you can't be a HARC member and for only
$15 a year it's very
. Membership fees and donations go directly back in  to
improve the club. Did  I mention  donations? Some people opt to just make
a donation to the club, and that's fine. Donations of any kind may be

Click here for a PDF application form that you may fill out and mail-in with a